5 things "girl" makes wing blogger long run

When wing blogger blog we used to compare with the girlfriend? The most interesting thing here is that we can “build” a girl in my imagination to flirting the other guy? She was fun funny or serious, sexy and fashion … all by hand. What makes us happy is the type will have any guy fall for him with our girls. Love is inherently right or not?

beautiful girl

Individuals, having a “she” townhouse to “hair of Finance to each of my scissors elders announced the LEU is also not finished. When we back out of the water down the field with a wine they sell sticky rice you single smile like flowers in the corner. Day no breakfast dishes “smile” was the loss of appetite, restless sleep.

Galaxy was said that “there is no bad girls, just beautiful woman do not know.” Standing on the senses that said, the girls and the blog is also not much different. So we will run a long time to meet the following grade girls.

1. Said too much

Rate this girl highly educated, speak very sublime, sometimes I do not understand what iron, occasionally have nodded pretending to understand but actually “block leave her”. This girl also said length, said long speech colon ride the sea. Actually though said or wherever and correct, we can not pass through certain ears. Sure we talk to one session, be sure to do your girlfriend is: NEVER!

2. Dumb as oysters

In contrast to the class, this girl was too shy spoken for even trying to do “wasting artist” to ask retreat, comments from floral dresses to nail brush strokes on a new painting of girl. Yet every girl im thin, im thin meat, so I also thought at first blush to see but that the son the more I think this girl of looking at life through the eyes watches theater, iron saw nothing.

3. Do not understand

This girl does no good but does not understand it at all, girls like that, then we can not proceed further. Yesterday new see Oto broth exhibition I Ngoc Trinh sếch soy inside the MEZ that every girl rants about eating chicken at KFC or Lotte bistro than not bored star. Daughter to understand our needs are anything but. Girls that do not understand, for de girl!

4. Not hard at all

Girl did not even look up to the surface, how we love to be. Last month saw daughter bought a beautiful flower shirt be commended, it is a girl so even this year and months. I asked annoyed that stars themselves wearing the flower girl, the girl said “I like that”. Yeah, we like but if girls go to meet friends, very embarrassed, girl look as if hihi … her aunt from the subsidy!

5. Bored, bored bored!

This girl does not say much, not dumb, and know how to make beautiful new … so we love but then we discovered the girl nothing special at all. In the morning we drove daughter to work, the way we drove girls, T7 CN girls with me to the movies. Sometimes girls hose to buy for a gift … after all the same girl broke up because normal girls, who like girls I meet a lot. To spend a long long time girlfriend gave me a kiss, invite us to make a trip far away from home to play, interesting to know some …


Our Blogger wing runs the kind of girl anymore?

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