Video: The Life And Career Of Bill Gates

Blog Life >> Surely you know Bill Gates is the richest man in America, maybe even the world, but did you know that he loves meat pies and cheeses, like sliding batanh, sliding snow and passion for reading?
He did not graduate – this is the most amazing thing in the life of this successful entrepreneur. Right from when I was in high school, Bill reveals talent for the line of code and computer programming language. Once out of school at Harvard University, he and his best friend Paul Allen founded Microsoft Corporation.

Together they created a Microsoft have billions of dollars in sales and brand familiar to everyone. Bill spent a lot of time on the job, but still of interest to friends and family. This book will bring readers interesting discoveries about the man that every mention of his name that people think of success.

CNET summary of the life and career of Bill Gates, co-founder of the group of the world’s most powerful software and also make important strides in the information technology industry world, after his decision to retire.

October 28, 1955: William Henry Gates III was born in Seattle. When I was in elementary school, parents of Bill Gates realized the intelligence is a kind of Gates. According to some people told, at age 11, Gates was able in many chapters of the Bible Gospel. His parents sent him to Lakeside, not well-known private school. It was here he first become familiar with computers and Paul Allen, who would later be his partner.

1973: He left home in Washington enrolled at Harvard where he met Steve Ballmer, who later was one of those you do business with him.

1975: Gates, Allen, and Monte Davidoff first released basic the Altair language program. Gates and Allen sold his first software program. So Microsoft was born from this.

1976: Gates left school at Harvard.

1977: Jail for a short time for the crime Racing (Porsche 911) in the desert near Albuquerque, NM

1980: IBM hired Gates developed operating system, MS-DOS for PCs. IBM allowing Microsoft to sell the rights to this software to other computer manufacturers. This really has helped Microsoft become the No. 1 software manufacturer worldwide.

1986: Microsoft is now in the hands of 61 million dollars.

1990: The company released Windows 3, an operating system running on the desktop, which sold 10 million copies within two years.

1994: He married Melinda French, a Microsoft employee. And now the couple have three children.

1996: In a letter to the Justice Department, Netscape Communications accused Microsoft of unfair competition in the advertising campaign on Internet Explorer. There have been many accusations Gates “killed” Netscape.

1998: the Court antitrust case against Microsoft Corp. accused Gates did not give any response actions while he is in the position of the highest leaders of the group. Gates constantly repeated in court that, “I do not know”, “I do not remember anything.”

2000: As the person in charge of the technology, he became chairman of the policy focus on software development. replace his old position is Steve Ballmer.

Also this year, he called Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation fundraising, funding for college scholarships, AIDS prevention and research incurable diseases are rampant in poor countries around the world.

2001: Forbes Magazine voted Gates is the richest man in the world. His estimated assets of up to $ 54 billion.

2002: Federal Court ends 5-year antitrust case between Microsoft and the U.S. Justice Department.

2005: Gates honored with Knight Award at Buckingham Palace. ABC News reported that Gates has donated more than $ 6 billion. He and his wife and composers Bono are among the top “Person of the Year” by Time magazine. A survey showed that 2.5 million Americans have already voted Gates is one of the 25 greatest American.

2006: Gates announced that he will retire in his capacity as head of Microsoft’s software engineers and will work part-time for the company began in 2008.
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